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Hot chocolate

Chocolate in July anyone?

Number of packages: 15,000

A large small-parcel carrier wanted to reward its clients by sending each of them a special gift.

There were multiple kit versions.

  1. Three chocolate bars and a great letter
  2. Four chocolate bars and a really neat backpack cooler
  3. Five chocolate bars, a backpack cooler and a cool overnight bag
  4. Six chocolate bars, a backpack cooler, one overnight bag, 1 pound of delicious coffee and a coffee maker.

All kits contained the same item, Chocolate.

The initial program launch was set to happen in May, but May came and went. Finally in June all of the details were worked out and we were asked to ship the kits in July. Yes, Chocolate bars in July and - they could NOT arrive melted.

NOVA had to hustle.

We had to ensure that the chocolate would arrive in one piece and not like fondue. (Most chocolate companies send their chocolate in spring and summer months in containers with dry ice but our client only had limited room in their budget for additional costs).

We pulled our expert team together and created an incredible solution that not only kept the project within budget but guaranteed successful delivery of the chocolate gifts.

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