In-Store Marketing

Imagine the rewards derived from a successful in-store campaign.

In-store marketing

We understand that in-store marketing campaigns present the best opportunity to influence the buyer at the point of sale. Failure in execution means lost revenue opportunities. NOVA has 15 years of experience executing in-store marketing programs. Our program planning tools, customized software solutions and defined implementation processes minimize merchandiser error, reduce freight costs and guarantee on-time delivery of your program materials.

  • Store assignment sheets are easy to read and provide merchandisers with all of the information needed to be successful at the local store level
  • Point of sale materials are picked, packed and kitted to the individual store level, minimizing merchandiser installation time and reducing opportunities for errors
  • NOVA assembles POP displays and designs the display shipping carton to ensure the most cost effective delivery, often reducing or eliminating expensive dimensional or oversized shipping rates

Let NOVA create a customized pick and pack solution for you.