Kitting & Assembly

Imagine your message being delivered the way you intended, each and every time.

Kitting isn't just putting things in a box. It's knowing the best way to package your product to ensure it gets delivered on time and in perfect condition. When you place your project in NOVA's hands, you can expect:

Kitting and assembly
  • A complete written overview that outlines our understanding of your project goals and objectives and a detailed production plan and schedule
  • Carton or container design that ensures your message is delivered
  • Advice on carton structure and style to insure your product is delivered without damage
  • Knowledge related to small package and USPS regulations to minimize freight and postage costs
  • Procurement services including cartons, printed materials and merchandise
  • Continuous production updates so you know how your project is running at all times
  • Skilled and trained teams to ensure that every kit is assembled identically, whether you need 100 or 250,000
  • The ability to make up for lost time and production delays to guarantee that your kits are still assembled and delivered on time

Our experience, flexibility, scalability and dedicated team are here to ensure your timelines are met, your budget is protected and your program is a success.