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The Benefits of Order Fulfillment Outsourcing

For businesses of all sizes, the largest and most obvious benefit of order fulfillment outsourcing is the elimination of storage and shipping hassles. Not only does automation of this process free up time and resources better spent on sales, marketing and opportunities for growth, it also relieves the often unsustainable burden of investment in the lease or construction, management and upkeep of a warehouse.

Internet Order Fulfillment

Being able to offer buyers the lowest possible total price is hugely important in capturing a sale for an internet based business. That's why order fulfillment outsourcing is especially valuable for a small business online. Not only does internet order fulfillment outsourcing allow for entry into new markets with relatively minor investment, it also typically lowers the cost of shipping, creating an instant boost to the bottom line and/or an opportunity be more competitive on total price.

NOVA Order Fulfillment Services

With over 98,000 square feet of warehouse space and a fully-integrated, real-time order processing system, NOVA Marketing services is well equipped to handle high-volume fulfillment projects and scalable, internet order fulfillment outsourcing alike. On the internet or offline, we can pick, pack and ship orders direct to your customers, to your exact specifications.

For more information about the benefits of order fulfillment outsourcing or to discuss a customized internet order fulfillment solution, please contact us.