Pick & Pack

Imagine a fulfillment partner that gives you visibility into every step of the process.

NOVA's integrated inventory management and ordering system, combined with our unique middleware solution allows order information to pass between multiple databases- in real-time. Whether you are capturing orders through a call center, website or in-house custom application, NOVA can build a data bridge that links these systems together to provide seamless transition of information. What does this mean to you? You have order information and inventory status at your fingertips.

In today's secured environment, we understand that you want to control and own your information. At NOVA, we give you the flexibility to secure your confidential information and still have 24/7 access to inventory and order data. In addition, we offer:

What is Fulfillment
  • On-line access to over 80 standard reports
  • Full view of order activity and on-line tracking
  • Real-time inventory including automated notification of inventory receipts and replenishment advice
  • Secured and controlled access
  • User controls, inventory allocation and budget maintenance by location, region or department
  • Order trends and product analysis
  • High security and 24/7 surveillance for storage of your valuable products
  • Accurate, same day order fulfillment
Pick and pack

Let NOVA create a customized pick and pack solution for you.