POS/POP Management

Imagine the confidence in knowing your marketing dollars are being well spent.

Point of Sale and Point of Purchase Displays are one of the best ways to advertise consumer products and services. Companies spend billions each year producing high end POP displays and intricate Point of Sale printed products. So why spend all that money just to have your well thought out marketing program sit in storage or end up costing twice as much to ship because it's too large?


At NOVA, we get involved in the design and development stage of your creative process and provide solutions to ensure that your program will be executed flawlessly and on budget.

  • We design packaging to protect your product and guarantee the least expensive shipping method
  • We pre-assemble displays and pack point of sale to minimize handling at the retail location
  • We have partnerships with thousands of merchandisers who will install your displays and POS at retail stores, in the exact location you intended