Product Sampling

Imagine a fulfillment partner that puts your customer first.

Do you remember what you did or saw 6 to 8 weeks ago? Well, neither does the consumer. So why would you accept standard 6 to 8 week delivery? When your product sample arrives two months after it was ordered, the impact of your advertising campaign has been long forgotten.

As an industry leader, we are committed to providing turn-key solutions that deliver your sample programs to market in half the time. From consumer packaged products to office supply samples, we have the experience and knowledge to facilitate and manage your product sampling campaign.

  • Custom package design that reduces cost while ensuring your sample travels securely through
    the postal stream
  • E-commerce and web solutions for capturing, tracking, and reporting valuable demographics
  • Core disciplines and processes that move your samples out the door within 24
    to 48 hours
  • Order streaming to minimize handling and postage
  • Proprietary database program to capture fraudulent and duplicate requests
  • Central, Midwest location for fast delivery coast to coast

Our multiple facilities and two-shift operation provide scalability to handle anything from a small, single product campaign to a national product launch.