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HELP! My program has just turned into a nightmare!

You spent months coming up with the best idea of the year. You spent weeks planning and lining up suppliers to bring your dream to life. The concept is great. Free premium with every purchase, received instantly at the point of purchase! The display is gorgeous, the premium looks perfect and you are excited to launch this program. Hold on a minute. Did you know that your gorgeous display is going to cost $109 each to ship to the stores because it is oversized? Did you realize that your premium doesn't have a UPC code on it so it can't be processed at check out? Did you really believe that the store manager was going to assemble that 10 piece display and load all of those free premiums into the display? The premium supplier forgot to put the offer hangtag on the premium! The program launches in 2 weeks! What do you do now?

You call NOVA Marketing and that's just what our client did!


  • Displays shipped at $30 each, saving the client $120,000 in freight.
  • We solved the UPC and hang tag issue.
  • Store managers never had to touch the displays.
  • The displays were delivered and set up in-store on time.

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