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Help Wanted: Someone to take over our in-house fulfillment!

When fulfillment isn't your core business, it can be a drain on your resources and end up costing you more in the long run. That's why one of the nation's largest investment firms came to us for help. After evaluating the client's current business model for their fulfillment division, our team identified ways to cut costs and improve service to the branch offices and field representatives.

  • The client's production team was hired by NOVA and trained on effective pick/pack and inventory management using an integrated inventory system.
  • We blended our production teams together and cross trained to ensure we could meet same day shipping schedules for order volumes of up to 1500 orders per day.
  • By moving 2,000 pallets of material from their large warehouse into our palletized racking system, they were able to shut down their warehouse and only pay for actual space usage.
  • After integrating our order management system with their internal purchasing/ordering system, the client is able to analyze ordering trends and product usage to reduce print runs and eliminate inactive marketing materials.
  • By outsourcing the day to day management of a warehouse and 9 warehouse employees to industry experts, the Finance Admin Group is focused on big picture goals and objectives.

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