case studies


Chocolate in July?


A customer came to us with a unique project. They wanted to send kitted packages to their clients as a special gift. The common element in each kit was a custom labeled chocolate bar.  The project was initially projected to start in May, but that date was pushed back, and soon we were in July. Suddenly we were in the middle of summer and needed to ship 15,000 packages containing chocolate. 

We pulled our team of experts together and developed a unique solution that didn’t break our clients budget. Our client was thrilled with the results, and we were happy to have another great story to tell.


The POP display that almost wasn't

The concept is great. Free premium with every purchase, received instantly at the point of purchase! The display is gorgeous, the premium looks perfect and you are excited to launch. What you just found out is that your gorgeous display is going to cost $109 each to ship because it is over-sized. Your premium doesn't have a UPC code on it so it can't be processed at check out, and the supplier forgot to put the offer hang-tag on the premium. The program launches in 2 weeks. What do you do now?  Thankfully, they called Nova, and we resolved all of those problems while also saving them $120,000 in freight. 


Let us handle that for you

When fulfillment isn't your core business, it can be a drain on your resources and end up costing you more in the long run. That's why one of the nation's largest investment firms came to us for help. After evaluating the client's current business model for their fulfillment division, our team identified ways to cut costs and improve service to the branch offices and field representatives.  We connected our systems, moved their materials, and became a seamless part of their supply chain.