Pick & Pack


Imagine a fulfillment partner that gives you visibility into every step of the process. Nova's integrated inventory management and ordering system, combined with our unique middleware solution allows order information to pass between multiple databases- in real-time. Whether you are capturing orders through a call center, website or in-house custom application, Nova can build a data bridge that links these systems together to provide seamless transition of information. What does this mean to you? You have order information and inventory status at your fingertips. 

In today's secured environment, we understand that you want to control and own your information. At Nova, we give you the flexibility to secure your confidential information and still have 24/7 access to inventory and order data. In addition, we offer:

  • On-line  access to over 80 standard reports
  • Full view of order activity and on-line tracking
  • Real-time inventory including automated notification of inventory receipts and replenishment advice
  • Secured and controlled access
  • User controls, inventory allocation and budget maintenance by location, region or department
  • Order trends and product analysis
  • High security and 24/7 surveillance for storage of your valuable products
  • Accurate, same day order fulfillment

Kitting & Assembly


Kitting isn't just putting things in a box. It's knowing the best way to package your product to ensure it gets delivered on time and in perfect condition. When you place your project in Nova's hands, you can expect: 

  • A complete written overview that outlines our understanding of your project goals and objectives and a detailed production plan and schedule
  • Carton or container design that ensures your message is delivered
  • Advice on carton structure and style to insure your product is delivered without damage
  • Knowledge related to small package and USPS regulations to minimize freight and postage costs
  • Procurement services including cartons, printed materials and merchandise
  • Continuous production updates so you know how your project is running at all times
  • Skilled and trained teams to ensure that every kit is assembled identically, whether you need 100 or 250,000 
  • The ability to make up for lost time and production delays to guarantee that your kits are still assembled and delivered on time

Our experience, flexibility, scalability and dedicated team are here to ensure your timelines are met, your budget is protected and your program is a success. 

Intelligent Kitting


No two kitting projects are alike and we understand that some projects appear to be impossibly complex. Whether you have 50 versions of a kit or 250 different kit components, we have the systems and expertise to guarantee that your project gets assembled and delivered correctly.

We have developed a custom database application that streamlines order fulfillment to minimize handling and shipping costs. Our formal Quality Control Process ensures that every location receives exactly what they were intended to so you don't have the headache of customer complaints and costly rush deliveries. 

POS/POP Management


Point of Sale and Point of Purchase Displays are one of the best ways to advertise consumer products and services. Companies spend billions each year producing high end POP displays and intricate Point of Sale printed products. So why spend all that money just to have your well thought out marketing program sit in storage or end up costing twice as much to ship because it's too large? 

At Nova, we get involved in the design and development stage of your creative process and provide solutions to ensure that your program will be executed flawlessly and on budget. 

  • We design packaging to protect your product and guarantee the least expensive shipping method
  • We pre-assemble displays and pack point of sale to minimize handling at the retail location
  • We have partnerships with thousands of merchandisers who will install your displays and POS at retail stores, in the exact location you intended

In-Store Marketing


We understand that in-store marketing campaigns present the best opportunity to influence the buyer at the point of sale. Failure in execution means lost revenue opportunities. Nova has 20 years of experience executing in-store marketing programs. Our program planning tools, customized software solutions and defined implementation processes minimize merchandiser error, reduce freight costs and guarantee on-time delivery of your program materials. 

  • Store assignment sheets are easy to read and provide merchandisers with all of the information needed to be successful at the local store level
  • Point of sale materials are picked, packed and kitted to the individual store level, minimizing merchandiser installation time and reducing opportunities for errors
  • Nova assembles POP displays and designs the display shipping carton to ensure the most cost effective delivery, often reducing or eliminating expensive dimensional or oversized shipping rates

Let Nova create a customized pick and pack solution for you.

Targeted Direct Mail


Targeted direct mail allows you to stand out in the toughest real estate of all, the mail box. Standard direct mail campaigns yield between ¼ to 1 percent response rates while targeted campaigns can yield double digit responses. Investing in mailing programs that are directed at your valued customers and targeted prospects can be the best investment of your marketing dollars. Why not place your highly visible campaign in the hands of targeted direct mail experts? We provide solutions that increase response rates. 

  • Hundreds of package designs guaranteed to make your piece stand out in the mail
  • Highly customized variable imaging that speaks directly to your target audience
  • Unique capabilities with personalization on non-conforming laser pieces
  • Packaging and print procurement
  • Ability to assemble large campaigns in a short period of time

Product Sampling


Do you remember what you did or saw 6 to 8 weeks ago? Well, neither does the consumer. So why would you accept standard 6 to 8 week delivery? When your product sample arrives two months after it was ordered, the impact of your advertising campaign has been long forgotten.

As an industry leader, we are committed to providing turn-key solutions that deliver your sample programs to market in half the time. From consumer packaged products to office supply samples, we have the experience and knowledge to facilitate and manage your product sampling campaign. 

  • Custom package design that reduces cost while ensuring your sample travels securely through the postal stream
  • E-commerce and web solutions for capturing, tracking, and reporting valuable demographics
  • Core disciplines and processes that move your samples out the door within 24  to 48 hours
  • Order streaming to minimize handling and postage
  • Proprietary database program to capture fraudulent and duplicate requests
  • Central, Midwest location for fast delivery coast to coast

Our multiple facilities and two-shift operation provide scalability to handle anything from a small, single product campaign to a national product launch.

Project Management


In today's world, we all know how to be a supplier. At Nova, we strive to be one of an elite few that you think of as a partner. A company that smooths the process and pulls together multiple components and resources so that you don't have to. Nova provides project management services in the following ways:

  • Project Management Consultation – Applying our expertise and best practices to make your program a success
  • Procurement – Obtaining the products and services necessary to facilitate your program including web and sheetfed printing, premium and product acquisition or any other service necessary.
  • Freight and Postage Analysis – Determining the most cost effective distribution method
  • Packaging Design and Procurement – Bringing in the expertise of our company's packaging division to develop and produce quality packaging.
  • Guidance – Wherever and whenever needed. You will always have a team of professionals to turn to every step of the way. Think of us as additional staff to help you accomplish your goals.